How does it work?

You have setup everything and you are ready to jump into your server and start having fun.

But wait! How do I use this? Do I need to use any commands or are there any limitations that might not let me use it yet?

The answer is maybe. The only limitations that the plugin has are, the ones you set in the config or by your server and stuff that are not yet possible or have not been added yet.

Do not get scared. That does not mean you cant use Dimensions or that you have to do more stuff. It just means that if you want way more advanced stuff than simply have portals to teleport around, you have to spend at most 5 more minutes looking through the wiki.

The way Dimensions works in-game is very simple. So simple, some would say that the process looks kinda familiar.

You join your world, you gather the resources needed. You build a portal shaped like a nether portal (using the materials you have used in the config), you right-click the portal to ignite it using the item you have chosen in the config and BOOM! Now you and your friends can travel between worlds.

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