Custom lighter addon

What does it do?

The addon gives you the ability to set an item or a block with custom data to be used as a lighter, as a frame block or as an inside portal block (to replace the nether portal)

How is it configured?

      - '<plugin>:<item>'
    FrameBlock: '<plugin>:<block>'
    InsideBlock: '<plugin>:<block>'

Setting a custom item/block that is from minecraft its recommended to use the "/dim setLighter <portal>", "/dim setFrameBlock <portal>" ,"/dim setInsideBlock <portal>" commands.

If you use ItemsAdder or Oraxen plugin, you can set the custom items by using ITEMSADDER:<itemid>, ORAXEN:<itemid> or CUSTOMITEMS:<itemid>.

Note that after changing the custom item/blocks you need to restart the server.

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