Portal configuration

Enable | default: true

Toggle the portal

DisplayName | default: Unnamed

The "pretty" way that the plugin talks about the portal

Portal.Frame.Mateiral | default: COBBLESTONE

The outside of the portal

Portal.Frame.Face | default: all


Portal.InsideMaterial | default: NETHER_PORTAL

The block that is going to fill the inside

Portal.LighterMaterial | default: FLINT_AND_STEEL

The item that ignites the portal

Portal.ParticlesColor | default: 0;0;0


Portal.BreakEffect | default: BLOCK_GLASS_BREAK


Options.AllowedWorlds | default: [] (empty list means that all worlds are allowed)

List all the allowed worlds. If you want to allow all worlds except a few, then list add the keyword 'all' and add the disabled worlds with '!' at the start of every world Example:

  - 'all'
  - '!world_the_end'
  - '!world_nether'

Options.BuildExitPortal | default: true

Allow exit portals

Options.TeleportDelay | default: 4

Delay before teleporting players

Options.EnableParticles | default: true

Emit particles from portals

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