Timed portals addon

What does it do?

Portals will auto-destruct after a configured time of being lit.

How is it configured?

    DestroyAfterMillis: <input1>
    Action: '<input2>'
    Effects: #input3
      - '[millis]->[particle pack]'
  • input1: any integer above zero (0) that indicates how many milliseconds this portal will be activated before being destroyed

  • input2: you can use between 'Close' or 'Destroy'. Close will just break the portal like you would if you attacked the inside of it and Destroy will also remove the frame blocks. You can also add {explode%<integer 0-100>} if you want the portal to explode. The integer after the % are the chances of the portal exploding.

  • input3: here you must list all the effects you want to play (from the ParticlesAddon) and the delay for every effect.

Effects Example:

#   - '[milliseconds after ignite]->[particle pack name]'
    - '1000->timer1'
    - '2000->timer1'
    - '3000->timer1'
    - '4000->timer1'
    - '5000->timer2'
    - '5500->timer3'

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