Unbreakable addon

What does it do?

With Unbreakable addon, you can make a portal indestructible from specific sources such as creeper explosions, or make the portal only breakable by destroying its blocks (and not the inside part of it)

How is it configured?

    - '<input>'


  • PLAYER_INSIDE # player attacks the portal inside (portal entity)

  • PLAYER #the destroyer was a player (by breaking the blocks)

  • ENTITY #the destroyer was an entity (creeper by explosion etc)

  • DISPENSER #a dispenser destroyed the portal (currently dispensers do not break the portal)

  • PISTON #a piston destroyed the portal

  • BLOCK_PHYSICS #a block changed due to block behavior (dirt becomes grass etc)

This option is a list. You can add more options by adding a new line and then another - <input>

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