DayLightSensor addon

What does it do?

This addons gives you the ability to make portals only be activatable during a specific time of day (in game).

How is it configured?

    StartAllow: '<input1>'
    StopAllow: '<input2>'
    DenyMessage: '<input3>'
  • <input1> = any integer

  • <input2> = any integer

  • <input3> = any string text you want to be shown to the player if the time is not in range

You can set StartAllow to the time you want the portals to start being able to be ignited and you can set StopAllow to the time you want the portals to stop being able to be ignited. If you set StartAllow to a higher integer than StopAllow then the portals will be able to be ignited after X & then before Y the next day.

NOTE: setting the same time to min and max disables the addon

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