Dimensions configuration

  • checkForUpdatesOnStartup: <default: false> | Set to true if you want everytime your server loads to check for addon updates and installed the new versions that are available.

  • searchRadius: <default: 128> | Set the distance you want for Dimensions to search for already built portals. This will be used when a player uses a portal and the plugin searches for portals already built and active.

  • safeSpotSearchRadius: <default: 16> | 16x16 blocks radius that Dimensions will use to search for a safe spot to build a portal.

  • debugLevel: <dfault: 2> | You can set the level of information that you want to see in your console about Dimensions.

    DEBUG = 5;
    VERY_LOW = 4;
    LOW = 3;
    MEDIUM = 2;
    HIGH = 1;
    VERY_HIGH = 0;
  • enableNetherPortalEffect: <default: true> | Players will see the nether portal effect when they enter a portal.

  • fallbackWorld: <default: world> | Here you need to enter the name of the world you want to use as a default world. For example if your players play in the world called "survivalWorld" and they use portals to travel arround, then you need to set the default world to "survivalWorld".

  • configVersion: <x> | Do not change that, that is used for version contol

  • consumeItems: <default: true> | Toggle if you want items/buckets to not be damaged/consumed when a player tries to ignite a portal.

  • searchSameAxis: <default: false> | If true, it will search for already existing portals that are built along the same axis

  • searchSameSize: <default: false> | If true, it will search for already existing portals that are built with the same size

  • searchFirstClonePortal: <default: true> | If true, it will first search for same size and same axis portals, if not, it will just search using the values above

  • enableEntitiesTeleport: <default: false> | If true, entities will teleport (teleport delay always applies to them)

  • updateEveryTick: <default: 7> | This is every how many ticks portals will check for entities nearby in order to teleport them. (This does not apply to players)

You can also set the min/max world heights in the config like that:

  <world name>:
    MinHeight: <min Y that you want portals to teleport to>
    MaxHeight: <max Y that you want portals to teleport to>
    Size: <the size of the world as if you were going to change the world border>

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