Commands on use addon

What does it do?

The addon gives you the ability to execute commands when a player uses the portal

How is it configured?

    - '<input1>;<input2>;<input3>'
  • input1: who is going to execute the command (values= player or console)

  • input2: pre-conditions for the command to be executed. For example ((%destinationWorld%==world6 && %entity%==astaspasta) || %portal%==samplePortal) && %zAxis%. true can be used if you want the command to run anyway

  • input3: the command to execute.

For example tell %entity% you used a zAxis portal and its name is samplePortal or your name is astaspasta and you came from world6

If you plan to override the teleport of Dimensions (for example for a random location command) then It's recommended that you add the following to your portal config. (This addon option is provided by the CommandsOnUse addon)

  DisableTeleport: true
%portal% - Portal display name
%name% - Portal name
%entity% - Player name/Entity Type
%entityID% - Player UUID/Entity ID

%destinationWorld% - Destination world
%destinationX% - Destination X
%destinationY% - Destination Y
%destinationZ% - Destination Z

%originalWorld% - Original world
%originalX% - Original X
%originalY% - Original Y
%originalZ% - Original Z

%zAxis% - True if portal is Facing the X Axis (aka portal is build along the Z Axis

The CommandsOnUse Addon also supports PlaceholderAPI placeholders

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